SSE Stocks Up With Audix


In response to rider requests, rental company SSE Audio Group has recently added a significant quantity of Audix microphones to its hire stock, which will be in use on stages across the UK throughout the summer festival season.


Distributed in the UK by SCV London, Audix microphones are rapidly gaining in popularity, thanks to their excellent sound quality, unique design features and robustness. SSE has purchased a number of D6s, OM7s and TM1s, which will be in constant use over the coming months.


“The D6 is becoming a very popular kick drum mic,, which many of our clients have been requesting. They are turning up on almost 50% of the channel lists of bands that are appearing at the festivals we are providing equipment for this summer,” says SSE assistant warehouse manager Chris Blackburn.


“They are a great alternative to the other kick drum mics that are requested and we’re confident that we could use the D6 as a suitable substitute on pretty much every show we do.”


Providing unprecedented gain before feedback on concert level stages without sacrificing sound quality, the OM7 handheld vocal microphone is resistant to feedback on very loud stages and for performers who tend to cup the microphone with both hands.


“We’ve used the OM7s with Paul Weller, Blood Red Shoes, The Vaccines, Spike's All Stars Band and many others,” says SSE operations director Spencer Beard. “We are seeing them on a lot of channel lists as the vocal mic of choice and have never had anybody yet give us a negative review.”


Meanwhile, used for time aligning SSE’s PA systems, the stock of TM1 omni-directional test and measurement microphones is being increased to accommodate the sheer volume of work that SSE is handling.


“The TM1 is the most economical measurement mic for our touring stock,” says Spencer. “You can easily spend a couple of thousand pounds on a measurement microphone, but ours get handed to strangers for the most part and we don't know how they are going to be treated. The TM1 is great value for money and perfectly fulfils all of our needs.”

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