Sennheiser 965 Is The Best Choice For Imelda May 

Irish singer-songwriter Imelda May is just coming to the end of a run of British and European shows, before taking a well-earned break to have her first child. As if that and selling out the Royal Albert Hall wasn’t enough, she has finally found her perfect vocal microphone – a Sennheiser e 965.


Trevor Gilligan took over front of house mixing duties for Imelda and her band around 15 months ago and soon started the quest for a vocal mic that would really suit her voice.


“After a couple of shows, I realised that the dynamics in her incredible voice really needed a microphone that would make the best of them,” he says. “We tried microphones from a range of other manufacturers, but none of them were quite right. She found most of them too clinical.


“As she likes to sing at a good distance from the mic, both when she’s giving it some power and also when singing softly, I thought a condenser would suit her style as they have a better proximity effect. We tried the Sennheiser e 965 and she loved its bite and fullness.”


The two 965s that Trevor subsequently purchased have been a feature of the shows ever since.


“We have used them everywhere, from tiny venues to arenas and they deliver every time,” he continues.  “You can get a very high level before feedback and they are very punchy. They are also built like a battleship, which is very important for touring.


“All-in-all the 965 is the best choice for us and the support from Sennheiser is second to none. The only thing that would make it better for Imelda is if they could supply one in a tiger skin finish!” 

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