Live Production Companies Embrace VirtualXpo’s New VIBE App


Less than three weeks after announcing the launch of VIBE, the world’s first virtual trade show for the live event production industry, Paul Nicholson and Jay Green of VirtualXpo have signed up a wide range of companies to its innovative digital marketing platform.


Over 200 businesses alone joined VIBE at ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt, giving a resounding vote of confidencethat the app is destined to become the definitive marketing platform for the industry.


The revolutionary VIBE app will bring the industry to a single point where all the component parts can be found with just four taps of a screen. From there, visitors will be able to interact directly with exhibitors and vice versa in an immersive multimedia format 24/7, all year round, wherever they are… rather than just for a few days in a static hall.


Paul Nicholson, the founder and MD of VirtualXpo, said: “We have designed an ultra cost-effective marketing platform that ticks all the boxes and redefines the genre. The most frequent comment we heard at ProLight+Sound when describing and demoing the app was that VIBE is a ‘no brainer’. We’re now looking forward to welcoming a significant number of additional companies to the show in the run-up to the launch in July. We are confident from the reaction so far that VIBE will become the definitive route to market for everyone in the live production industry.”


The VIBE app will also provide a communications and marketing hub for its exhibitors as every facet of their company and network will be available in one place. As visitors will be asked to register just as they do in the real world, exhibitors will be able to communicate with them on a P2P basis through the Fingerprint analytics feature.


Sales director Jay Green commented: “The beauty of VIBE is that it offers an even playing field with 100% show interaction for any exhibiting company or individual. VIBE provides an ultra cost-effective shop window for all companies and the people we met at PL+S were excited by the prospect of never missing a business opportunity through the app, be it local or global. All in all, it was a very encouraging few days in Frankfurt.”


James Ross Heron, the sales & marketing director at video hardware and software specialist, Green Hippo, was one of many to voice their positive reaction to the announcement of VirtualXpo’s VIBE app. He said:

“There's something refreshing and reassuring about VirtualXpo that caught our eye immediately. At a time when the AV industry's virtual media seems to be a patchwork quilt of tenuously linked product focuses, articles and features, VirtualXpo's navigation and structure bucks the trend by being clear and concise, giving quick access to the information customers seek, especially on hand held devices. We're looking forward to seeing what VirtualXpo can do for us over the coming year and beyond.”



In the audio sector, Paul Timmins, the general manager at leading rental company, Capital Sound Hire, commented: “The thought of having a 24/7 trade show is genius. To have your service only a few clicks away on mobile devices for such an affordable fee is a no brainer. We are pleased to be one of the VIBE trade show exhibitors!”


The final word comes from industry PR and marketing representative, Sarah Rushton-Read: “This refreshing approach to the trade show made perfect sense to me. I am genuinely excited about VIBE's potential as a marketing tool, especially as it demonstrates tangible return on investment reporting in real time. As it develops momentum it will undoubtedly help me do my job more creatively and more efficiently. It also better echoes the high tech online and social media landscape in which we are all operating and communicating.


“This is just the tip of the iceberg and I hope to see VIBE pull the industry together in a way that it is never has been connected before. Not only that, it seems an extremely cost-effective way to stay in touch with the people we want to do business with. In time I expect to see it become a dynamic, 24/7, 365 days a year trade show with all the people and businesses you could ever wish to hang out with in one single place… genius!”

For further information, please contact:

Paul Nicholson

Managing Director

VirtualXpo Limited

+44 (0)7748 115007


Skype: Virtualxpo

For more information visit www.virtualxpo.com

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