Infiniti Red Bull Racing In Front with new LSP 500 PRO PA System

Used to being in front, Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel was one of the first to try out the innovative new LSP 500 PRO PA system from audio specialist Sennheiser. The early trial of the soon-to-be-released wireless PA solution at Sebastian Vettel’s Monaco Grand Prix press conference on 22 May is the latest joint activity between Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Sennheiser, which was named the team’s first Audio Supplier for the 2013 Formula One season.


Infiniti Red Bull Racing are clearly no strangers to doing things faster through smarter technology, but as one of the first customers to try out the LSP 500 PRO, they found the speed of set up and ease of use of the wireless PA system to be striking. The team deployed two speakers for the pre-race press conference, both connected seamlessly via wireless links. Commenting on the performance of the solution, Alan Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships at Infiniti Red Bull Racing, said: “Every facet of Formula One is fast-paced and communication is no exception, the efficiency of the LSP 500 PRO has allowed us to seamlessly broadcast Sebastian’s press conference to the attending media”. 


The innovative LSP 500 PRO ensures that the PA system for any event can be installed in next to no time, eliminating the need for laying cables, while providing a robust solution capable of delivering Sennheiser’s usual excellent sound quality. Impressed by the trial, Infiniti Red Bull Racing plan to use the LSP 500 PRO for the rest of the Grand Prix season.


Highly versatile and easy to use

The LSP 500 PRO PA system is designed to deliver the ultimate in flexibility, taking up to three receivers for wireless microphones and with connectivity including Bluetooth, USB and a range of wired options. Support for multiple speaker set-ups is possible via easy-to-use wireless links with a single speaker being used as a master to control multiple slave units. Every LSP 500 PRO also has a built-in music player/recorder that enables audio tracks to be played or recorded directly from or to an external device.


As well as offering incredible versatility, the LSP 500 PRO is ready to take on any challenge with hot-swappable dual rechargeable batteries, allowing an individual battery to be charged while the other powers the sound, extending the seven hours of usable time for as long as demanded. “The entire PA system can also be controlled via app, which essentially takes over the functions of a mixing console,” explained Martin Gurtner, Portfolio Manager at Sennheiser´s Integrated Systems Division. “No matter whether it is the volume, the equalizer or the delay – the Sennheiser app makes it easy to control all of the audio settings.”


A fast and sound performance

Sennheiser’s relationship with Infiniti Red Bull Racing was announced at the start of the 2013 Formula One season. An ideal match since both, Sennheiser and Infiniti Red Bull Racing are driven by innovation, passion and excellence. In a partnership of high performance sound and automotive excellence, the audio specialist was named as Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s first Audio Supplier, supplying professional audio solutions and sponsoring the DJ Booth for the team’s exclusive Paddock Club, VIP entertainment.

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