D for Victory - DiGiCo Consoles Get That Espresso Rush In Denmark

Kim Johansen of Danish audio company Soundware is a proactive professional but, when he visited one of the country’s leading tour suppliers one chilly winter morning, even he didn’t expect to emerge with an order for no less than six DiGiCo consoles, plus accessories.


Kim is Soundware’s pro audio manager and he frequently drops in on a wide range of rental and supply companies. As DiGiCo’s Danish distributor, he is always keen to offer support to his clients. A recent visit to Victory Tour Production found the company’s owner, Jesper Sørensen, extremely busy as usual.


Wanting to purchase a DiGiCo console or two, Jesper was having trouble making up his mind. After several Espressos to help him think, Jesper hit upon an idea that would solve his dilemma, ensure that Kim was happy and allow him to get on with the business of running Victory: he ordered one of each - an SD7, SD8, SD9, SD10 and SD11.


However, after Kim had left, Jesper changed his mind about the order… and added another SD7, an SD rack, plus Optocore and Waves options for most of the consoles.


Two of the new consoles were immediately put to work on a two month tour by Tim Christensen and the Damn Crystals, promoting their 2011 album of the same name.


Front of House engineer Paul Hammann opted for an SD7 with Waves and Optocore options, while monitor engineer Daniel Devantier went for the SD10, also with Waves and Optocore. Both were running at 96K on a shared SD-Rack.


“I wasn’t surprised that Jesper wanted to invest in more DiGiCos as he has been using the consoles for some time and I know how much he values them,” says Kim. “However, even I was surprised when he gave me the order. It just goes to prove that every console in the DiGiCo SD range is in demand in the Danish market.”

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