Denon DN-700H helps get Germany’s Rhinelanders fit

With clubs throughout the Germany’s Rhineland, including the major cities of Köln and Düsseldorf, Just Fit is one of the region’s premier fitness centre chains. The company currently has 18 fitness centres, with two in Frechen and the latest one, in Kerpen, featuring Denon DN-700H Network Audio Players. They will also be installed in two new Köln clubs, due to open in early 2014


“We have chosen the DN-700H because it is very easy to use, it delivers audio from a wide range of different sources, the display provides all the information you need and it can be used fully straight ‘out of the box’ - there are no follow-up costs like needing a computer to manage the sound,” says Just Fit owner Jörg Böhme.


Just Fit clubs offer a wide range of fitness classes and programmes. The Frechen clubs are numbered 03 and 16 in the Just Fit portfolio and use a variety of different styles of music, with loudspeakers placed throughout each club.


“The music ranges from rock, pop and dance to house and hip hop. What the units play is dependent on the time of day, because this affects the demographic of the gym’s users,” says Jörg. “The source is largely online broadcasts from German radio stations like RTL and, without the adverts and news.


“We are very satisfied with the DN-700H units. With a stable internet connection they deliver the most reliable, high quality audio. Although we are currently contractually bound regarding equipment used in the other existing clubs, as each comes up for renewal we will be looking to change them to the DN-700H.”


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