Coda System Means Less > More for Belgian Rockers Zornik


The last three months of 2012 have seen popular Belgian rock band Zornik on an extensive tour to promote their latest album Less > More. Playing 25 dates in their home country, plus four in the Netherlands, a range of venue sizes has meant that a flexible audio system was required. A Coda AIRLINE LA8 system was the answer.


The system has been supplied by Studio Haifax, based in Sint-Martens-Bodegem, on the outskirts of Brussels. Company owner Pieter Begard is touring with the band as crew chief and, as he puts it, ‘general technical problem-solver’. Not that the Coda system causes any.


“Last year I was invited by Coda’s Belgian distributor, Apex Audio, to its presentation of the AIRLINE LA8 system and they also provided a complete LA8 system for a few demo shows,” says Pieter. “Both I and my system engineer, Yves Van Moerbeke, were impressed by the audible ‘truthfulness’ of the system, the transparency of the highs and the working of the sensor-controlled subs. The light weight of the speakers also makes it very easy to work in difficult situations, especially where rigging weights are a key factor.”


The system on tour with Zornik comprises 16 LA8 compact line array units, eight LA8-SUB subwoofer extensions, two SCP sensor-controlled subs and four G308F compact, full range units for infill. Depending on the size of the venue, the system can be scaled down with no loss of coverage or audio quality.


“It is a very straightforward system to set up,” says Peter. “It took very little effort to learn the rigging methods, but even in venues where flying is not an option the system provides us with lots of possibilities.


“I'm really excited about the quality of the sound, as are the Zornik band members. The system stays very honest to the sound being input and the option to change the horizontal coverage makes it very easy to direct sound anywhere you want to hear it - and, most importantly, away from where you don't!”

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