Guano Apes - ready to rock with Coda Audio

Band reunions may seem commonplace these days, but there are a few that explode back onto the music scene in such a way that you just know they are going to be great. Enter Guano Apes, the German rockers that achieved huge global appeal. Their reunion in 2009 has taken them from strength to strength. They have just completed Bel Air, their second successful tour since reforming, and the decision by Front of House engineer Ingo Thürauf to specify a Coda Audio AIRLINE loudspeaker system meant they delivered an audio clarity and punch that did their fiery brand of rock’n’roll true justice.


Supplied by AMBION GmbH, who provided full technical requirements for the tour, the system comprised a Coda Audio AIRLINE LA12 three-way line array, augmented with high output sensor controlled SCP 2x 18” and SC8 4x 18” subwoofers, with AIRLINE LA8 two-way compact line array cabinets as front/side fill.


Thürauf had previously worked with both AMBION and Coda systems. “Coda line array systems offer a very exact reproduction, which made me specify the AIRLINE LA12 system for this tour,” he says. “The powerful sensor controlled subwoofers in particular perfectly match the energetic sound of the Guano Apes. I like to work with diverse sub harmonic effects, and the speakers need to be able to handle these.”


Monitoring runs through a Yamaha M7CL and Ultimate Ears UE-7 in-ear monitors. However, lead singer Sandra Nasic utilizes four Coda Audio CUE ONE wedges  - a three-way 2x 12” / 1x 1.4” Coaxial system.


AMBION has come to rely on Coda Audio for both its corporate and convention support, as well as in concert touring, on an international level.


“Coda Audio was first introduced to us two years ago,” recalls AMBION’s Jesko Purmann. “We were looking for a new sound system at the time and didn’t want to pick one of the usual ones. We quickly realized that the ideas and concepts of Coda Audio and AMBION matched very well and, as a result, we have had products from Coda in use for over a year and a half now.


“We started with CUE ONE monitors and were able to work closely with Coda’s R&D team to produce an outstanding monitor system. After testing the CUE ONE on Element of Crime’s 2010 tour we started testing the AIRLINE LA8 system, and later on the AIRLINE LA12. We were convinced by the quality of these systems and that resulted in our decision to invest in both systems, including accessories. I have never heard another system with such an accurate and precise bass.”


Norbert Sangermann of Audiovation, Coda’ German distributor, concurs: “It should be highlighted, that the SC8 got two 18” woofer in the front and two in the back. The group alignment is reduced and the precision optimized.”


“The SC8 can be flown in one line with the AIRLINE LA12,” continues Purmann. “We used this in projects where a homogenous covering for a large depth was needed. It is also possible to fly separate bass lines. For near field fill, we used AIRLINE LA8 units on the stage edge instead of hanging them under the main arrays. This assured us the most effective sound distribution.


“We have used the AIRLINE LA8 system on over 100 music and industry events during the last 12 months and got a chance to try the AIRLINE LA12 system in many single events as well, but Bel Air is the first full tour for the AIRLINE LA12 since we took delivery the complete system at the beginning of 2011. Not only the outstanding sound performance, but the physical parameters need to be highlighted - the AIRLINE LA12 has an excellent rigging system. Audiovation, as our distribution partner now for over 15 years, encouraged us to make this investment and we’re delighted with it. You don’t purchase some Coda Audio loudspeakers, you get a full system, ready to rock!”

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