ASL demonstrates digital range at prolight+sound

Stand A50 Hall 8.0 at Frankfurt’s prolight+sound exhibition sees advanced digital and analog intercom system manufacturer, Netherlands-based ASL, display a selection from its new range of digital products including the DS 4000 M Master Matrix, DS 1640 19 inch rack mount Speaker Station, DS 290 2-channel Beltpack, two of its line of four Tabletop Speaker Stations - the DS 830 and DS 2430 - as well as a variety of its well-established analog intercom systems.

ASL’s Digital Intercom systems employ the innovative use of the very latest networking technologies to provide efficient, reliable communication systems for the most demanding live production and event management applications.

The DS 4000 M Master Matrix is the central element of a basic ASL Digital Intercom system for up to 40 users and can be expanded to accommodate up to 240 users by linking up to six DS 4000 M or DS 4000 S units.

The DS 1640 16-channel Speaker Station provides comprehensive and exceptionally flexible communication facilities for users at key command locations. Housed in a compact 1U frame, the DS 1640 enables instant TALK and LISTEN access to 16 separate user groups. With the addition of the optional DS 2040 20-channel Extension Panel, this capability extends to 36 groups.

The DS 290 Beltpack offers all the features expected in any high-quality 2-channel unit: separate TALK, and CALL buttons, separate volume controls, MENU button, separate activity indicators, and a factory option for use with binaural headsets.

The DS 830 (first seen at London’s PLASA Show in 2009) and the newly revealed DS 2430 Tabletop Speaker Station are an 8-channel and 24-channel unit respectively, each mounted in a smartly styled 3U cabinet. They offer a full menu of features in an 8- or 24-channel format suited to a range of production applications – either full access to smaller systems or selective access in larger installations. Instant TALK and LISTEN access is provided for eight or twenty-four user groups, and each unit may be custom tailored to specific needs via the eight “soft” function keys. User programmable functions include CALL TO, SPEAKER ON/OFF, REMOTE MIC KILL, REMOTE BUZZER KILL, REMOTE SPEAKER MUTE SEND, TALK TO ALL, OWN BUZZER MUTE, PTP RECEIVE DISABLE, and STAGE ANNOUNCE.

Like all ASL Digital Intercom user stations, the DS 830 and DS 2430 give operators easy access to exclusive features such as text messaging and PTP (person-to-person) calling to any speaker station or beltpack unit in the system.

Additional features common all ASL’s digital speaker stations include adjustable button illumination, GPIO connections, program input, and extension speaker jack.

The four new tabletop speaker stations, which also include the DS 1630 (16 channels) and DS 3230 (32 channels), are integral parts of the forward-looking ASL Digital Intercom concept, which leverages the latest core digital networking technologies to afford extraordinary system configuration flexibility. System configuration for each production is instantly recallable as a preset, and the refreshingly simple configuration software can be mastered without specialized training. ASL Digital Intercom networks can be configured in star, in-line or daisy-chain topologies, and all connections employ standard Cat-5 cabling for easy installation.

“During previous trade shows and demonstrations, we received a lot positive feedback from our end users and distributors,” says Susan McLohon, ASL Intercom’s director of sales and marketing. “We also received a few additional wishes and suggestions which have now been implemented in our ConfigurIT software, making this simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface for configuring ASL Digital Intercom systems even better.”

The DS 4000 M Master Matrix, Beltpacks and DS 1640 are slated for shipping mid April and will be quickly followed by the Tabletop Stations in mid May.