CMG Enjoys Seamless Communication With ASL


Corrino Media Group (CMG) is one of the Netherlands major media production companies, operating as a one-stop-shop for the film, broadcast, live event, advertising and other industries. Clear communications between staff at the events it services are vital, which is why the company has invested in a significant ASL digital intercom system.


“We researched a number of different intercom systems and found ASL to be not only the most versatile, but also in a reasonable price range. The matrix-based system is also easily expanded, so we can start with a small system, and slowly build up to a bigger setup when required,” says Atilla Meijs, CEO of the Amsterdam-based company.


The system includes two DS 4000 M Master Matrix, 12 DS 290 two-channel belt packs, six DS 1630 16-channel tabletop units, four DS 700 interface boxes, three DS 88 intercom hubs, two DS 72 four-wire interfaces, a DS 71 party-line interface, DS 73 audio interface, DS 74 paging interface and a DS 85 booster power supply.


CMG uses the system on a range of events, including multi-camera television productions (such as music festivals and theatre shows), live broadcasts and multimedia events.


“Because we use the system with different types of production, the ID based programming is very useful,” says Atilla. “You're not stuck with a fixed setup that is difficult to alter - you just change the names and IDs and you’re up and running again.


“Another pro for us is the personal programmable belt pack. We've not

seen any other system where you can use belt packs which are not interfaced in

a party line system. You can easily address one single user so they can

communicate in a group or make a person-to-person call with another



He continues, “In a live setting it's also very important to change settings quickly. With the straightforward ASL user interface, even a technical assistant can do this, so the show can go on.”


The versatility of the system was proved just before Christmas, at Dutch radio station 3FM’s annual Serious Request event, during which listeners pledge money to various Red Cross projects in return for hearing music of their choice played on the station.


“We needed a system that could connect several live-broadcasting parties

to each other, as well as interfacing with many editorial, technical and show staff.

We also used it to interface our hosts' in-ears, so that the director could easily talk to our talent while switching the show,” says Atilla.


“But it doesn’t just work well at big events, it also works perfectly with much smaller productions, like webcasts. That’s one of its great benefits - it’s a very usable, versatile intercom system for all situations.


“A professional user needs to be able to concentrate on the content of the event or broadcast that he is working on and, most importantly, the communication system should never fail,” he concludes. “The ASL system satisfies these requirements. It’s great to use and our crews are very happy using it.”

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