Apex Intelli-X2 Measures Up For Timo


Specialising in acoustic and system measurement, engineer Timo Beckman is much in demand by the Dutch audio industry. The recent purchase of a pair of Apex Intelli-X2 48 processors has made a significant difference to his work in ensuring that systems sound their best.


Timo started his audio career as a Front of House engineer but, after purchasing his first Smaart license in 2005, became more interested in acoustic measurements and system alignment. With SIM3 and Smaart 7 also in his inventory, Timo now spends much of his time measuring a wide range of loudspeaker setups, as well as helping other engineers to get the most from acoustic measurement systems.


“Any problems with tuning a two (or more) way system are solved by most brands via the use of delay. But in my opinion, this is the easy way out,” he says. “Using delay means that that the system under test gets time stretched - not a big problem if it is a standalone set-up, but if combined with another system with different crossover points/slopes, it can cause parts of the frequency response of the sum of both systems to cancel out instead of adding level, or at least better coherence.”


Timo found a much better answer in the Intelli-X2 48, which means there is no compromise.


“I can use the all-pass filters on the Apex unit to change the timing of frequencies, by modifying the phase response without the use of delay, in such a way that both systems match and show addition throughout,” he says. “When I first heard about the Intelli-X2, I did an A/B test with another brand and after just five minutes of comparison the choice was easy. It sounds amazing, the user interface is straightforward and connecting a laptop via a standard Cat5 cable is almost plug and play, which can't be said about a lot of processors.


“I don’t want to be messing about with things like IP addresses, I just want to get on with the job and the Intelli-X2 lets me do that. Overall I am really pleased with it.”


Another advantage of the Apex processors is their reliability, meaning that Timo’s busy schedule is always on track.


“I use them on a lot of different projects, including doing the basic processor settings for manufacturers’ room tunings, for demonstration events and festival systems,” he says. “I also give acoustic measurement seminars. A lot of technicians have some kind of measurement device present during system setups, but they often don't have enough understanding of measurement equipment or how to read the data on screen.”


“The Intelli-X2 means I can do my part to help ensure that the audio systems at all kinds of events and venues sound as good as possible,” he concludes.

For more information visit www.apex-audio.be

Hi res images are available for download here