Apex Intelli-X2 Is The Smaart Choice For Rational Acoustics

Acoustic measurement is becoming increasingly important as the range and complexity of audio systems becomes ever greater. Learning how to use measurement systems properly is vital to achieve optimum results, which is why German distributor AudioTec delivers high quality seminars on Smaart, one of the most widely used systems. Apex Intelli-X2 48 system controllers play an important role in showing attendees exactly what is happening.


Based in Bergisch Gladbach, on the outskirts of Köln, Rational Acoustics’ Michael Häck has been running Smaart classes since 2008, as well as distributing the software. With 24 years as a professional sound engineer - ranging from contemporary music, big band, pop and television to 12 years working at the 20,000 capacity Kölnarena - Michael has, as he says, “a lot of experience of how to do things the wrong way.”


“Our courses demonstrate that you don’t need to necessarily know all the theory, what is behind the algorithms or what is mathematically correct for setting up a high quality PA system. If you can use the software properly to measure the system and interpret the results correctly, you will get a good result,” he says. “But if you measure wrongly, of course you will get the wrong result. It’s much better to get it right first time than to get it wrong and then try to fix the EQ or the PA with your ears.”


The seminars are designed for all audio engineers, from those new to the industry to very experienced people who want to change from years of working in the ‘analogue way’.


“A main reason that we use Apex Intelli-X2 units is because the hardware and software work seamlessly with Smaart. They are integrated incredibly well - the Intelli-X2 software shows live traces of what Smaart is doing in the background, which is invaluable when demonstrating to classes how it is working,” says Michael.


“Before doing any EQ or level changes, you need to be certain that the measurements are exactly right, that you can trust what you see on the Smaart trace and compare it with what your ears are telling you. The Apex software makes this much more straightforward.”


As well as the Apex controllers and software helping Michael to run the courses more effectively, he is also introducing attendees to their benefits, many for the first time.


“A lot of the guys who come to the courses are unaware of Apex controllers and they are very impressed. As well as going away able to use Smaart more effectively, they also see that Apex controllers are a high quality, cost-effective option,” he says. “Apex controllers are my favourite, no question. The quality and integration with Smaart is second to none and sound-wise they are of the highest standard.”

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