Apex Intelli-X2 Helps Give Kobe Matsuri The KISS Of Life

Matsuri - or local festivals - are an annual fixture of many Japanese towns and cities. The colourful events frequently involve parades with spectacular floats and costumes, celebrating a range of cultures - both Japanese and those of settlers from different parts of the globe. One example is in Kobe, where this year’s matsuri featured Apex Intelli-X2 processors for the first time.


It is commonly said that you can always find a festival in Japan, whatever the time of year. Kobe’s takes place on the third Sunday in May and gave Kobe International Stage Service (KISS) the chance to use the company’s newly-purchased Apex Intelli-X2 processors.


As with many matsuri, the festival’s highlight is its carnival - featuring a dazzling array of costumed dancers, musicians and over 1000 grandmothers in kimonos.  KISS installed four PA towers along the route, each featuring six flown Martin Audio MLA Compact cabinets, covering both the parade and spectators, and an Intelli-X2 for system management.


Sound engineer Mr Yamaguchi was in charge of the audio production for KISS and pronounced himself very happy with the results.


“The Intelli-X2 is very easy to use. I like the character of the sound and signal routing is very flexible,” he says. “I also like having the choice of controlling it from a computer or directly from the front panel. The PA towers were a long distance from the mix position, so being able to control the loudspeakers directly from each tower was very useful.


“The Apex processors helped us to deliver sound that was much improved from previous years and also a lot more controllable. Everyone was very pleased and I am looking forward to using the units on many future events.” 

For more information about Apex visit www.apex-audio.be

For more information about Kobe International Stage Services visit  www.kiss4u.co.jp