The only way is Apex


Essex-based event production company Event Sound and Light is renowned for the variety of shows, concerts, parties, conventions, conferences and product launches it services. Very careful consideration has to be given to the quality, usability and reliability of all equipment the company invests in, which is why its recent purchase of an Apex Intelli-X2 processor has been an unqualified success.


Event Sound and Light has been successfully using one of Apex’s original Intelli-X processors for a number of years, so when director Paul Galley was looking for a similar unit for a new audio system, he naturally decided to look at Apex processors again.


“We purchased the Apex Intelli-X after doing a shoot out with a different manufacturer’s unit of a similar specification,” says Paul. “The Apex unit not only made the other one sound dull, but it was a lot simpler to navigate and operate.


“Having used the original unit for many years on theatre tours, open air concerts and corporate events, we needed another unit to complete the new system that we were designing and building.”


Paul approached Apex dealer Red Square Audio, where he discovered the Intelli-X2 had been introduced. A demonstration was arranged, after which there was no doubt in his mind that it was the right choice.


“The X2 boasts the same, and many more, features as the original X but is even easier to connect and use,” he says. “The operation and navigation through the software is better and the unit looks great. It has a good dynamic range and stereo imagery. The RTA update is also a great function along with the access on the front panel, which means you don’t always need a laptop to set it up.”


He continues, “A lot of our loudspeakers have designated amplifiers and processors, so we use the Intelli-X2 for speaker management, routing and delays. It’s used as a router when we’re using two mixing consoles at the Front of House position, for example at festivals. In all tasks it is very easy to use and delivers great results.”


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