Árni Bergmann Surfs The Waves With DiGiCo

Since the launch of DiGiCo’s Waves SoundGrid module in 2010, users of the SD series of mixing consoles have been seamlessly integrating Waves plug-ins with the powerful effects of the mixers. One very satisfied user is live and studio engineer Árni Bergmann.


Árni works with a diverse array of Danish acts including Alphabeat, De Eneste To, Peter Sommer and the memorably-named Spleen United. His current console of choice is a DiGiCo SD9 and, with Waves SoundGrid, he has been able to bring his work on the road and in the studio closer together.


“Over the years, I have found working in the studio and the live sound environment have been like day and night. In my opinion, live sound has always been a big compromise, compared to the endless possibilities of the studio,” he says. “It is only now that, for the first time, I feel the gap between those two worlds isn't as big any more.”


Árni’s first session with the Waves SoundGrid module was at a show with Alphabeat in Falconer Salen, an 1100-capacity venue in Copenhagen.


“I had a MADI 48kHz, 24 bit multitrack recording from one of Alphabeat’s previous shows, which had been recorded via a laptop and MADIface connected to the SD9,” he says. “The day before the show I went in and started working in my normal way, mixing with the SD9’s internal inserts and effects. Once I was happy with the mix, I bypassed all of the internal effects and start mixing it with the Waves plugins.”


The result was almost identical to the sound of his studio mix and he feels he has found the elusive element he had been looking for.  


“The result was amazing,” he exclaims. “There was such a great sounding bottom end and more detail in the mix. I felt like I had much more control over the mix in general, like I was getting an extra 30%. I also found operating the Waves plugins with touching parameters on the SD9’s screen, and turning the assign knob, smooth and easy.”


Árni concludes, “In the studio I can go into the depth of each instrument and make it sound as it should, without any compromise whatsoever. With Waves Soundgrid I can now do that much more in the live environment. I'm looking forward to going much deeper into this side of FoH mixing as it gives me a high-end, analogue touch - something I think we are all after these days.”

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